"Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings, and learn the wonders of God."
~ From The Key of Solomon the King ~


The purpose of this site is to document my attempt at distilling a workable system of spirit evocation & communication using methods based on the tradition of the Solomonic Grimoires. Source material includes The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon by Joseph H. Peterson and The Veritable Key of Solomon by Stephen Skinner & David Rankine. I'll also rely heavily on the classic edition of The Key of Solomon the King: Clavicula Salomonis by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and reference techniques from Aaron Leitch's Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires. Additional insights will also come from private documents obtained from a particular Magical Order* that I am a member of however no references to or source material from these documents will be given but may influence some decisions I make throughout my research. I'll also reference other materials that may be relevant at times such as the Grimorium Verum, Lemegeton, and others. I won't be including any elements from Thelema or the Golden Dawn or other modern inventions and will not be approaching it from a Jungian or any other kind of psychological model. Please keep in mind that I do not claim to be an expert practitioner or teacher of evocation and everything you read on this site should be taken with a grain of salt. In my opinion Solomonic Magic is a lost science and it is up to dedicated researchers and practitioners to restore it to a comprehensive system. Much of what is on this site is based on my personal opinions and experience of what I call the "Holy Art" which will undoubtedly change over time.

It should also be noted that it is not my intention to perfectly replicate every detail outlined in the texts but to build a modern step by step guide that is based on what will hopefully be a traditional approach to Solomonic Magic, making it as close to being authentic as possible while making it accessible to modern people. I will use some substitutions where I see fit or necessary and some may criticize this for taking away from the authenticity but I do not believe such substitutions will lessen the effect of the operations and will be kept to a minimum. Only experimentation can prove the validity of using such substitutions and experimentation is largely what this system, and magic in general, is about. This site should also not be seen as a critical analysis of the history or manuscripts that compose solomonic style workings. I do a fair amount of research to assure accuracy but my focus is building a workable system based on the academic research of others, not my own. In the end I am a practitioner and researcher into the practical uses of magic, not a historian or acedemic. For academic interests I highly recommend Stephen Skinner and Joseph H. Peterson's research as a starting point.

What is Solomonic Magic?

Simply put, Solomonic Magic is a system of ceremonial magic used for summoning and communicating with (or commanding) spirits. In many of the manuscripts there are also included instructions for creating talismans for finding love or gaining success and health, acquiring knowledge or wisdom, winning a court case, exorcisms, and many other practical operations. In my opinion, the core operation of Solomonic Magic is the summoning of spirits which are accomplished using purifications, astrological timing, sacred invocations (prayers & psalms), and pentacles. In addition to this there is operational equipment such as magical circles, gazing mirrors & crystals, rings, wands, horns, bells, swords, knives and ritual garb.

The sources of Solomonic Magic as we know it today are primarily late Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts that are purported to have been written by King Solomon of the Old Testament or related to him in some fasion. Up until recently there have only been two primary sources generally available to the public: The Lemegeton of Solomon the King and The Key of Solomon the King both translated by S.L. MacGregor Mathers and published over 100 years ago (sometimes referred to as the Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon). Mathers did mention other books such as the Grimorium Verum and The Grand Grimiore (also known as The Red Dragon) that claimed King Solomon as the author but he classified them as books of black magic and thought they shouldn't be included in his Solomonic canon. This seems to be due to the more diabolical connotations of them rather than a historical fact. I do not consider them to be "black magic" at all but simply additional pieces to the Solomonic puzzle. The idea that the "Greater Key of Solomon" is "good" or "white" magic and that the Grimorium Verum or Goetia is "bad" or "black" magic is utter nonsense in my opinion. The texts all have similar approaches to a common goal: the communication with beings (or entities) that I refer to collectively as "spirits." The purpose of this communication is to either gain knowledge or to request a task to be done by the spirit.

The Key of Solomon describes a system of using Pentacles to summon and command hordes of spirits to do his or her bidding, there is no focus on any one particular spirit. The Key also gives precise and often difficult instructions for creating instruments and tools to use the system properly. The Goetia (included in The Lemegeton), although similar, is a simple and direct method of summoning 72 individual demons by using the demon's name and sigil. One thing to note here is that I believe they are incorrectly classified as demons and I simply refer to them as spirits, which I'll address later. There are no peculiar or difficult instructions for creating or acquiring the necessary tools or implements, except for of course the infamous "Lion Skin Belt." The Goetia has a reputation for being rather evil and dangerous although I'm not convinced it's any more dangerous than working with The Key. The Goetia deals with spirits that are more terrestrial or earth bound, which makes changes in material reality easier and more apparent. They can take on physical forms and make substantial changes in the physical world due to this nature and in my opinion are very active in the world with or without magicians attempting to control them. The Lemegeton includes four other books, the Goetia is the first. The second book is more or less a continuation of the Goetia listing additional spirits that are both "good and evil." The third and fourth books describe individual systems that deal with scrying "Angelic" beings (for instance contacting your Holy Guardian Angel) while the fifth book is a book of prayers generally used with the other 4 books.  I tend to speculate that the Key of Solomon details a method one could use for creating a catalog of previously unknown spirits and that the Goetia is quite possibly a result of using a Key of Solomon-like system, but I have no evidence of that. Most, if not all, girmoires claim these systems were delivered to King Solomon by an "Angel" and not a creation of the human imagination or ingenuity and therein lies the key to it's restoration in my opinion. 

Although the manuscripts claim that King Solomon is the author of these works it's quite possible the original sources were not even of Hebrew origin let alone written by the biblical figure of King Solomon (Skinner, 41).1 Indeed there is little evidence that King Solomon even existed in the first place. Be that as it may it is certainly possible the original sources did originate from the ancient Hebrews but it may be more likely that the foundational methods originated in ancient Egypt and were interwoven with Jewish magic. There are also Arabian legends of King Solomon and his magical abilities to summon and command spirits and it seems common practice to tie King Solomon to magic across cultures however there are no original Hebrew manuscripts in existence today. The only known Hebrew version is actually a translation from Latin & Italian manuscripts into Hebrew (Skinner & Rankine, 49)2 while the known manuscripts still in existence today were transcribed and/or translated by scribes in the middle ages from manuscripts that probably came from Greece (Skinner, 83)1 so it's possible they may actually be Greek in origin. For an in depth analysis of Solomonic manuscripts I highly recommend the introduction to The Veritable Key of Solomon (Stephen Skinner & David Rankine, 2008), Techniques of Solomonic Magic (Stephen Skinner, 2015) and Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic (Stephen Skinner, 2014).

Accusations of Black Magic, Animal Sacrafice, and Devil Worship

I will say emphatically that I have never found any references to or descriptions of Satanic or Devil worship in Solomonic Magic. In fact just the opposite is true, the magician is working under the power and authority of God and his Hierarchies of Angels and must pray and often plead with them for help in order to be successful. When so-called demonic forces are used and/or conjured it is for the purpose of bringing them under submission and control or to use their authority over a subservient spirit you are trying to conjure. The role of the Magician is that of a Priest or Servant of God, not of Satan or any other entity considered "evil." Due to the establishment and ongoing spiritual tyranny of the Catholic Church (and most other "Christian" religions) most spirits were demonized and labeled as evil. It was common practice to take anything that was "pagan" or not useful to the establishment of the power of the Church and label it as evil. It was perilous to write about these topics without describing them as being evil and malevolent and if you didn't you risked being charged as a heretic, imprisoned, or worse. The consensus that these spirits and the practice thereof is evil has remained in place, especially by Christianity in the majority of it's forms and even by many in the occult community. However in the recent decades people are beginning to cast old notions and fears aside and see these spirits as a misunderstood part of nature and the universe. 

On the other hand if portions of these texts are taken literally and done to the letter then it will entail use of blood and other body parts of different birds and animals (the use of which most practicing magicians discourage for numerous reasons). These substances are used to create and maintain some of the tools and incenses.3 Other solomonic-style grimiores, such as the Grimorium Verum & The Red Dragon, do have instructions for animal sacrifice and even for conjuring some infamous biblical villains such as Beelzebub, Lucifer and Satan but again these are not done for the purposes of worship or becoming subservient to them, quite the opposite actually.

We should also keep in mind that animal sacrifice was part and parcel of the religion of the Old Testament and most other religions during which time the manuscripts were supposed to have been written, but as religious practices have evolved and done away with barbarism and cruelty so should we do away with it in our modern endeavors of Solomonic Magic. The practice of harming any kind of animal or using blood will not be a part of my system. In fact using any of this magic to harm someone or something is cruel and will likely catch up with you. Just because we work magic doesn't mean we are exempt from basic morality or do not need hold ourselves to a high moral standard. To work this magic effectively we are required to be a Holy Priest and Servant of God. 

Is Solomonic Magic Dangerous?

I believe anytime you attempt to bridge the gap between this world and the next you are exposing yourself to a certain level of risk, whether you are playing with a Ouija board or performing a full on Goetic operation. However, just as fire can be extremely devastating or life saving if brought under control and put to constructive use so can a Solomonic operation be done properly and yield good results or a potential disaster if not done correctly. In fact due to the many precautions taken to protect oneself and others while performing Solomonic operations I would consider casual Ouija use more dangerous.

In my opinion Solomonic Magic should be approached with reverence, respect & sound mindedness. It is not for the thrill seeker, dabbler, or power hungry egomaniac, and it should be performed with a spirit of devotion as if you were a priest. This was referred to as the "Holy Art" in ancient times and only the pious were considered fit to perform it's ceremonies.  I believe an honest desire to learn about the spiritual world for the benefit of yourself and others in the spirit of experimentation and exploration validates the use of these texts but should be treated with respect. A major part of that respect is acknowledging and paying due homage to the existence and influence of the spirits, angels, and other beings you are working with. If you approach it with an arrogant attitude that these are old superstitions from an ignorant people and none of it can possibly be real you will likely be proved wrong in a sobering way that will perhaps leave you regretful of your dabbling.

Because of the potential dangers I wouldn't recommend Solomonic Magic to the beginner in magic and the occult. It requires a lot of dedication and work and really shouldn't be attempted unless you are knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to spend a considerable amount of time (and possibly money) on this endeavor. The occult and real spiritual work is not something to be taken lightly. You should have at least undergone a couple years of serious training in some form of legitimate magical tradition before starting this type of magic, it is generally considered to be one of the most advanced and difficult forms of magic.

If you are just starting out I recommend the Golden Dawn system of magic, it will give you a solid foundation to build upon while you work your way up to grimoiric magic. Simply performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram morning and evening for a period of six months should start to get you acquainted with Spiritual forces and energies as well as develop your will and dedication to the magical art. The Golden Dawn system of magic is quite advanced in and of itself and requires years worth of study and practice to become proficient in. I started my journey in occultism and spiritual development over 15 years ago and can tell you from personal experience that there is no quick and easy path, it is a process of personal and internal growth that shouldn't be rushed because it will be a life long pursuit. The magical path is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey. Enlightenment doesn't happen all at once, it grows over time and is a subtle and internal process that is a growth and development of the soul. Solomonic magic won't necessarily make you enlightened or grow spiritually but being devoted to a spiritual path will help you in your journey.

You will also have to learn how to juggle your magical life with your mundane life and not allow them to interfere with each other. Magic is largely about taking control of your life and destiny and just as it gives you the tools to create a good life for yourself and others it also contains the tools to destroy your life. This behooves you to become like unto a wise King ruling over your Subjects (Your awakened consciousness ruling over your internal thoughts, desires, and emotions), compelling them to work for the good of yourself and others rather than let them run a muck and work against you.

As you learn to master the spiritual forces already operating in your life you will also be mastering your mundane life which will naturally create greater success for you and those around you. You won't be able to mix your magical life with your mundane life however, and this is key to your success. There is an old admonishment used in the occult: To Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Keep Silent. To know is to gain knowledge, skills and awareness of your inner self, to Will is to undertake the journey from start to finish, to Dare is to be courageous and steadfast, willing take the necessary risks to become successful, to Keep Silent means just that...to not speak of it with anyone not of like mind. Silence can be the greatest challenge, you may want to share your knowledge and experiences with others but this is a trap that will jeopardize your work. If you discuss your magical experiments and interests with others not of the same mind and possibly very adverse to it you will be treated and looked at differently, people you thought you knew well will turn against you and confront you about this new "interest" of yours. You will essentially have to live a double life and keep your magical work secret, just as alchemists and magicians of the past have had to do to be successful.

I have put a list of books in the Recommended Reading section to get you acquainted with Occultism and Magic, contrary to popular belief the Occult is not evil or malicious but refers to "Hidden Knowledge" and that knowledge can be either harmful or helpful depending on the nature of the operator...and that operator is you. A solid conscience and moral compass is essential to being successful in the Great Work4.

Skinner, Stephen. Techniques of Solomonic Magic. Golden Hoard, 2015.

Skinner S., Rankine D. The Veritable Key of Solomon. Llewellyn, 2008.

This may not actually be true. The Greek Magical Papyri lists animal parts and their corresponding herbs to be used in making ritual incenses. Since this text was influential and was possibly part of the source of Solomonic Magic it may be that these correspondences were lost in the later medieval grimiores. Unfortunately unless new manuscripts are discovered we may never know what those correspondences were supposed to be. It only makes sense that you should be using herbs to make the incense rather than blood and intestines since Spirits are usually attracted to pleasant and sweet smelling perfumes...incenses made with some of the ingredients listed would smell quite bad.

The "Great Work" is a term used in the occult to describe the process of becoming a spiritual master, generally believed to be the goal of incarnation for each spiritually inclined being. Many books have been written on the subject, see the Recommended Reading section for a list of books and authors.

* The Order I refer to is not any of the varieties of the Golden Dawn, the OTO, BOTA, SRIA, AMORC, or any of the other mainstream magical orders in operation today. It is a secret society in the true sense of the term and I am not claiming to be a official spokesperson of it, this website and system is entirely my creation and not in any way connected to it. I do not mention membership in it to claim some sort of authority only that some of my choices may seem strange to someone who has studied Solomonic Magic and this membership may be why I've made seamingly odd choices. I also have some opinions that are perhaps out of the norm which were likely molded from my many years of study in this Order. As with all opinions, take them with a grain of salt. I don't claim to be an authority or that I am "right" while others are "wrong" but hopefully this will be useful to others on the same solomonic path as myself. The Theory section of this site is largely opinion based.

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